Vlogging, Blogging and Phoneography Contests

Gabii sa Kabilin saw the advancement of technology like smartphones and the emergence of social media, and incorporated these into the annual event.

Blogging, vlogging, and selfie contests, were organized to encourage participants especially, students and young professionals, to document and share their Gabii sa Kabilin experiences. The blogging contest began as early as 2012, the selfie contest in 2014, while the vlogging contest began in 2017.

On the other hand, the phoneography contest organized in 2018 and 2019, was a pre-event activity that encouraged participants to share their best smartphone photograph related to the GSK theme of the year.

GSK Vlogging Contest Winners (2017-2019)

GSK One Night Only Contests

Participants of the Gabii sa Kabilin One Night Only (GSK-ONO) in April 2021 were able to take part in different online contests and activities without having to head outdoors. 

Through the virtual photobooth, cosplay and take-a-selfie contests, participants were able to share their GSK experience from home through fun and creative photos, may it be solo or in the company of family or furry friends.

The trivia contest, on the other hand, tested their speed, knowledge on local history and memory recall with questions based on the different online presentations during GSK-ONO.

Gabii sa Kabilin One Night Only Take-A-Selfie Contest Winners (L-R): Charisse Tanudtanud, Candy Faculin, and Jovy Tan